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Currently available books: "Lie-groepen, fysica en meetkunde" by Prof. Dr. Robert Gilmore. Available soon: 2nd print of "The weg naar de werkelijkheid" by Prof. Sir Roger Penrose. Available from 2025: "De Princeton gids voor wiskunde" by Prof. Sir Timothy Gowers, Prof. Dr. June Barrow-Green and Prof. Dr. Imre Leader (Editors). Out of print: "Over groei en vorm" by D'Arcy Thompson.

See YouTube for videorecordings of lectures at our "On Growth and Form" event in De Balie (Amsterdam) and "The Road to Reality" Symposium at the Institute for Advanced Study (University of Amsterdam). A new event will be announced soon! (in September 2022)

Listen to "De fascinatievolger" interviews (in Dutch) with mathematicians by Judith Lengkeek via SoundCloud.
On SoundCloud we can listen to mathematicians working on climate solutions, such as Dr. Janne Kool (Wageningen University) about machine learning in ecology, researchers at the Mathematics of Planet Earth Netherlands day, and Prof. Dr. Daan Crommelin (CWI) about simulations of rare events.
Also, Dr. Valentijn Karemaker and Prof. Dr. Eric Opdam speak about the Langlands Programme and women in mathematics (including EWM-NL). Prof. Dr. Peter Stevenhagen conveys the beauty of number theory and Dr. Renee Hoekzema points out the joy of understanding in pure mathematics, the role of creativity and (alien) life.
Dr. Floris van Doorn discusses theorem provers, homotopy type theory and computer science and Prof. Dr. Eric Opdam quantum computing.
Prof. Dr. Hinke Osinga demonstrates the importance of visualization in science and explains to our host Judith Lengkeek about dynamical systems. Prof. Dr. John Videler gives a breathtaking speech about the flight of swifts and biomechanics.
And don't miss Dr. Maaike van Vleuten reporting about her important research on factors that influence the study choice of teenagers in STEM (b├Ętawetenschappen)!

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